Stratum sponsor of the Purchasing Conference

STRATUM sponsor of the Purchasing Conference

PLASTIKA – ANDREJ MESOJEDEC S.P. sponsor of the Purchasing Conference Theme.

Our experience in one word SUPER!

The Purchasing Conference is a great opportunity to network with different suppliers. These conferences bring people from the industry together in one place, allowing you to talk to potential suppliers, learn about their products/services and make valuable business connections. The seminars covering the latest trends and practices to learn purchasing skills from were also very interesting. With colleagues from different industries attending the conference, it is a great opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas and find new solutions.

Summary of lectures:

  • Focus on small but safety stocks. The focus of procurement should be on successive deliveries as far as possible and on the selection of proven and reliable suppliers. Have good relations with suppliers and constantly check prices and delivery times.
  • The trend towards “key suppliers” is coming, where buyers will prefer to go to good, proven suppliers and therefore it should be a key mission of every company to become a key supplier to its customers in 2023 and 2024.
  • One of the themes of the Procurement Conference was the decarbonisation of the supply chain. In particular, reducing the carbon footprint of its products, which is also influenced by the raw material sourcing route. The trend is for more and more global companies to require LCA analyses for the products they place on the market, a trend that will be extended to medium and smaller companies in the coming years.
  • Innovation – the key to success in difficult times; This is all about the need for manufacturing companies to set the pace for the development of new, more environmentally friendly materials and to bring them to the market as soon as possible. Only those companies that develop new solutions fast enough will create a network of potential customers and will be able to grow faster and prosper even more in the future.
  • Human resources – the awareness of the staff shortage is driving us in the direction of dealing with people in a different way than we have done so far. The goal is no longer just good pay, but also the opportunity to progress, to learn, and an emphasis on good relationships within the organisation. Companies that want to grow need to have a well-defined human resources strategy.
  • Digitisation of the purchasing process – companies urgently need to shorten administrative document trails so that purchasing can do its job proactively. The focus has been on new ERP solutions that make it easier to track documentation with as little human work as possible. Make systems work for people, not the other way around.
  • Digitalisation will be one of the key tasks for all companies that want to do more work with the same people and, above all, be more productive – the goal should be simple: say stop to manual data processing!

In the coming year, Plastika Mesojedec will present new packaging trends: recyclable high barrier films, monostructured films based on PP and PE, and films with recycled content (30%). We will present the legislation that is due to come into force on 1 January 2025, both in terms of collection and sorting of waste, as well as recovery and reinstallation. In addition, we will highlight the water-based paints of our new machine in relation to sustainability and present the optimisation of electricity costs in the light of our new investments.

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