LDPE films

Films LDPE

LDPE films produced by blow moulding are known for their excellent transparency, flexibility and strength. They have good puncture resistance and are resistant to different temperatures, making them ideal for a variety of packaging applications. LDPE films can be easily printed on and are available in a variety of colours and thicknesses. Thermoshrinkable LDPE films are widely used for packaging applications such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other consumer goods. They are also used in industrial applications to package and protect machinery, electronics and other products during transport and storage.

The most common types of LDPE films are:

Heavy Duty and General Purpose LDPE film: Typically used to protect and package heavy or bulky items.

Shrink LDPE film: This type of film is designed to shrink when heat is applied, making it ideal for wrapping products that fit tightly and securely. It is often used in the beverage and food industries.

Laminated LDPE film: This type of film is used for lamination, where a thin layer of LDPE is applied to another material.

Anti-static LDPE film: This type of film is designed to prevent the build-up of static electricity, which can be a problem in some packaging applications.

UV-resistant LDPE film: This type of film is treated with special additives to protect it from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

LDPE films

The most commonly used ldpe foils are heat-shrinkable foils intended for wrapping packaging for mainly group packaging of products (e.g. drinks, food products, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction products, magazines…

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