Plastika Mesojedec, a leading company in the field of printing for the food and pharmaceutical industries on foils, recently conducted a successful fire drill dedicated to employee safety and the management of potential fire situations.

The drill, carried out in collaboration with local firefighting units, simulated a fire and rescue operation from a burning building. Over 60 employees from the company participated in the drill, along with more than 30 firefighters and six firefighting vehicles.

Plastika Mesojedec is aware of the importance of preventive measures and an effective response in case of accidents. The production of foils and printing activities require special attention to safety, and employees are trained to manage potential hazards. “The fire drill was an excellent opportunity to test our safety procedures and collaborate with local firefighting units,” said Andrej Mesojedec, the company’s director and owner.

The drill also emphasized the importance of close collaboration between the company and the local community. Plastika Mesojedec remains committed to ensuring a safe working environment and maintaining high safety standards in the printing industry.

We express our gratitude to all firefighters and employees who participated in the drill for their dedication and effort in ensuring safety in the workplace.

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