Hand stretch film

Hand stretch film

Hand stretch film is a type of plastic film used for wrapping and securing products by hand. It is typically used for smaller packaging where a stretch film machine is not necessary or practical. Hand stretch film is available in different thicknesses, widths and colours to suit different packaging needs. The film is usually made of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) which is a strong and durable material that provides excellent protection against moisture, dust and other contaminants.

At Stratum, we manufacture all types of hand stretch films:

  • 23my conventional mini stretch film ( 100 mm, 125 mm, 250 mm )
  • Hand stretch film 2,2 kg, 2,4 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg and thicknesses from 12 to 30my
  • Pre-stretched film 5my to 11my

Some of the advantages of using hand stretch film are:

Increased product stability: hand stretch film provides a tight and secure wrapping of products, preventing movement or damage during transport.

Moisture and dust protection: Hand stretch film provides a barrier against moisture and dust, helping to protect products from damage and contamination.

Cost-effective: Hand stretch wrapping is a cost-effective solution for smaller packages as it does not require the use of a stretch wrapping machine.

Easy to use: It is a convenient and practical solution for many packaging applications.

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