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More than three decades ago, Plastika – Andrej Mesojedec s.p. started producing knitted bags for packaging fruit and vegetables, and the company soon grew into one of the largest manufacturers of packaging materials.

Plastika – Andrej Mesojedec s.p. has grown over more than thirty years into one of Central Europe’s most renowned specialised packaging companies. From our production facility in Ljubljana, we sell our products to markets in Eastern, Western and Southern Europe. We have become a leading producer of a variety of packaging materials.

The recognition of our successful work is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 quality and ISO 14001:2015 environmental protection certificates, as well as the FSSC 22000 food safety certificate, recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Today, under the brand name Stratum, we produce a variety of materials, from LLDPE stretch films, LDPE polyethylene heat-shrinkable films and printed flexible packaging for various industries. Developments in technology and increasing market demands are daily challenges for us. We flexibly adapt our production and products to our customers’ needs.

Our Management

Every successful company starts with a dream and a vision. Andrej Mesojedec pioneered the production of meshes, films and later printed packaging. He was always striving to optimise the company and to achieve better results with his team.

Andrej Mesojedec, Director

Company history

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, what matters is the courage to carry on."

Winston Churchill

1986 Plastika – Andrej Mesojedec took its first steps in the year of the greatest oldest year in the memory of mankind. Mike Tayson becomes the youngest heavyweight champion, the Chornobyl disaster and the Hands Across America charity event where 5 million people formed a chain across America.

Bold Beginnings

Towards the end of the Yugoslav era and the beginning of the independent state, the story of the start of production unfolds. Andrej Mesojedec, the founder, sets out on a successful path that we are still following today. The implementation of various machines to start production begins:

1986 Fibrosin knitting machine

1992 Macchi machine

1996Maklaus machine

1997 New premises

The company acquires a new production administration building.

1998 Implementation of a TCE machine for extrusion of stretch film. It is an important milestone for the company, as it is the first and only company in Slovenia to produce stretch film. It also obtains the first ISO 9001 quality certificate.

We strike the new millennium with the trademark STRATUM “layer” in Latin.

2000 Rashel knitting machine

2002 The company wins the prestigious Oscar Award for packaging

2003 Primplast machine

2005 Alpine blown LDPE film extrusion machine.

In 2005, the company makes a major investment in the production of the extrusion part. It marks a milestone in the production of LDPE film and semi-products for the printing segment, which follows in the second half of the year. The company obtains a new ISO 14001 certificate.

2005 The company embarks on new adventures and strives to become number 1 in printed flexible packaging.

Implementation of a larger Uteco printing press and associated laminating and cutting machines

Ciao, Guten tag, Dobrý deň in dober dan….

The company is investing heavily in new technology and equipment, enabling us to increase production capacity and improve product quality. The company is also starting to export its products to other European countries.

2006 Euromac cutting machine

2008 Enlargement of the office building, production and warehouse follows

2011 Proslit cutting machine

2016 Controlled atmosphere tent and warehouse

2017 Paint mixing hall

The company modernizes and enters the ecologically oriented market with new technology.

2019  Integration into the Sedex platform and SMETA audit.

2021  FSSC certification

Plastika – Andrej Mesojedec starts investing heavily in sustainable and environmentally friendly production processes, such as the use of renewable energy and recyclable materials.

2022 Update the surrounding area with boreholes to meet the need for efficient ecological use of energy resources.

2022 Uteco 2 water-based inkjet printing press and associated stands to achieve top quality.

Company’s objectives and aspirations by :

2025 5 layer extruder for the production of barrier films

2026 New bag producing line

By 2030 we aim to become the largest producer and exporter of flexible packaging in Slovenia with a zero CO2 footprint.

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